Music and Politics

Two concerti examine relevant contemporary political and cultural issues. Goldenbaum’s “May All Dictators Fall,” written in response to the Arab Spring, offers audiences new ways to consider democratic ideals. And J. Antunes “What Should We Do?” reverberates with the recorded sounds of police dislocating people in a favela and asks us all to consider the moral questions that privilege and wealth pose for the rest of society.


Concertos for guitar and orchestra by several Brazilian composers, featuring Villa-Lobos (Concerto and Introduction to the Choros), R. Gnatalli (Concerto à Brasileira and Concerto de Copacabana), C. Soares (Concertino for Guitar and woodwinds, brass and percussion ensemble), J. Goldenbaum (Ode to Friendship for flute, guitar and orchestra, and the one mentioned above), Antunes, Ricardo Sousa-Castro (Concerto Homenagem a Villa-Lobos).

In Historical Instrument

M. Giuliani – Concerto op. 30;
A. Vivaldi – Concerto RV 93.


J. Rodrigo – Concierto de Aranjuez;
M. Giuliani – Op. 30;
H. Villa-Lobos – Concerto e Introdução aos Choros.

Light Music/Pop

Laurindo Almeida – First Concerto;
E. Granados – Valses Poéticos;
L. Brouwer – Beatlerianas.

and more

Community and outreach programs featuring storytelling (The Hero’s Journey in Music, Music and Politics) and musical language made easy (Melodia).

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