Last week I wrote in this blog about the cancelation of a traditional guitar competition due to the Covid-19 restrictions making it impossible to organize an international competition (

This week I’m competition in an online guitar competition, the 1st Guitarlab Competition. Below follows my video for the first round. I’m playing Garoto’s (Anibal Augusto Sardidinha) Lamentos do Morro, Ney Rosauro’s Prelude nº 1 and Manuel de Falla’s Danza Espanola nº 1, from the ballet La Vida Breve.

Recently I uploaded other excerpt of a concert I playied with flutist Diana Mota. Irmas Cajazeiras is a composition by Diana Mota. It is named after three sisters from a notorious book by novelist Jorge Amado. Those three sisters became famous characters for being so close they lived as a single individual. Nowadays, it’s a commom nickname for very close sisters. This piece in particular is for three sisters who own Beco da Coruja, a production company in Brasilia.

I keep on making videos with guitar tips. This first one, about how to play fast and with no mistakes, talks about how to achieve the ultimate goal for many musicians. It is demanding, but possible.

Other recent video suggests when to stop practicing something. A great time waster for many musicians is exactly “practicing” things he/she already plays! Knowing when to stop is key to use better your practice time and to keep improving instead of polishing shiny objects.

A recent tip gives a very easy change that gives an extra weight to thumb plucked chords:

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep sane!


Alvaro Henrique

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