What a week! It started with the surprising decision by the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) to cancel its International Concert Artist Competition after a first round took place. Not an easy decision, and they have good reasons for that, but nonetheless controversial.

I myself believe it wasn’t a good decision. I believe online music competitions are here to stay and they will gain prestige with more participants from all around the globe. But what do you think about it? Please write on the comments below.

I have posted two tips for guitarists recently: one is how to reach a deeper, rounder, and balanced sound on those amazing chords that we pluck with the thumb strumming all the strings – usually the final chord of a piece.

The next tip is a fast and easy exercise to change positions cleaner, faster, and more precise.

Although social isolation is making harder to play chamber music, being on a duo makes the trouble easier. While the covid-19 situation was already pretty much in control in Brasilia (Brazil), with very little cases, Diana Mota and I recorded an online concert, and there follows a little excerpt below: the fantastic, beautiful and melodic “Cafe 1930”, one of the movements from Astor Piazzolla’s History of Tango.

Furthermore, we also managed to record from our homes a virtual duo of Charles Chaplin’s famous song “Smile”. Its lyrics fits our current situation like a glove. Things are tough, rough, and all of us have collected personal and/ or professional losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But being angry and desperate would doesn’t solve anything – more often, it creates an extra problem…

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