It’s true, I’ve been missing from the social media – to some extent, from my website as well – since late 2018. But I will explain, in parts, why I was away.

In early 2018 I was working in the Distrito Federal State Government, in governor`s Rodrigo Rollemberg nominated staff. It was a rich experience to contribute to improve the quality of life in the city I was born and which I I live with my family, specially in Rollemberg’s government, full of challenges to overcome, and the obligation and need to take lots of unpopular decisions which have been postponed over and over for fear of the voter`s rage on the comming elections.

As expected, the voter`s rage was high, and governor Rollemberg`s chance to be reelected was low. To avoid surprises in 2019, I’ve decided to apply for some job positions. Among them, the position of temporary music teacher for the Secretary of Education of Distrito Federal (SEEDF).

Early 2019 arrived with the news I was hired for this temporary job. When it arrived, it came full of emotion and excitement, for the deadline to deliver all documents is tigh, and any delay can disturb the hiring process. I was offered a position at a Escola Parque, a very unique kind of school, and it demands an extra interview. And whoever delivers all documents first gets the best position, naturally.

I managed to solve everything as quick as possible and, in February, started working with kids from 1st to 5th grade who study full time, at the Escola Parque 308 Sul, a reference in education in the arts, music and sports in the public educational system. A true privilege, and a great place to work, with amazing colleages.

It was very challenging getting back to the classroom to teach a different generation, with other resourses, othere methods, and a different public (I taught later in a private school). I had to work hard to organize and plan the lessons and, thanks to the help of my colleages, my readaptation went smoother.

It’s very challenging promoting the improvement in kids which, in the same classroom, we find some who already play full melodies, while others are having its first contact with a musical instrument. I chose to give group lessons of recorder, for the price and simplicity of the instrument, as well as the fact that the teacher’s team features two teachers with great results with recorder groups, and we could level up most kids in school for the high standards they achieve.

When things begun to organize themselves, and my routine got stable, a surprising news changed my life completely in March. But that’s a topic for the next post…

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