The most important classical guitar competition in the world has just begun, the International Concert Artist Competition organized by the Guitar Foundation of America, and it is possible to watch it on facebook – also live.

This event happens each year in a different city, and in 2019 is taking place in Miami. It has its prestige because of the awarded prize (a tour with dozens of concerts in several countries is just one of them), the level and the diversity of the participants.

Below follows the important links:

Booklet with all the program, including competitor’s name and repertoire

GFA Facebook page

Preliminary round 1

Preliminary round 2

Preliminary round 3


Jihyung Park, Korea
Andrzej Grygier Poland
Liying Zhu, China
Dmytro Omelchak, Ukraine
Michael Butten – Guitarist, United Kingdom
Alec Holcomb, USA
Marko Topchii, Ukraine
Pauline Gauthey, France
Gian Marco Ciampa, Italy
Cyprien N’tsaï, France
Johan Smith, Switzerland
Lazhar Cherouana, France

Semifinal round 1

Semifinal round 2


Michael Butten – Guitarist, UK
Alec Holcomb, USA
Dmytro Omelchak, Ukraine
Johan Smith, Switzerland

Obs.: we are updatind this post. By its original publication, the finals haven’t begun yet.

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