In this “Music Talks” I expand one of the ideas I mentioned on our first video, about how melodies are composed (watch it at On the first video, I focused on “universal” features that lead to the creation of melodies, such as language and motion. This video digs deeper a cultural element that creates melodies: the relation between chords on the tonal system.

Ok, I know such expression and similar ones (as “harmonic relations” or “tonal functions”) are enough to scare any layperson who had at the most a few music lessons in regular school. But this video is suited for anyone, even those who haven’t had one single music lesson during his/ her lifetime, as it relates the tonal system to things we all understand: a conflict for power. The tonic represents the president, the dominant, the Senate, the subdominat the Supreme Court and there are some other characters in this plot of tension and release we all love to hear every day over and over.

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