Ferdinando Carulli’s Andante Opus 241 n. 18 is an easy piece of music, accessible to beginner guitarrists, and also very beautiful. I have a special relation to it, as it was the very first piece I playied in front of an audience, in a student concert of the music school I attended, Espaço Sonoro Academia de Música e Artes.

In this video I play a XIX Century guitar replica (some prefer call it “romantic guitar”) made by French guitarmaker Hugues Boivin. With this replica, it is possible to have a better and clearer notion of the desired sound by the composer and some resources avaiable by the instrument closes to which Carulli had in his hands.

With the “Easy Beauty” series I would like to share some pieces of music I suggest begginers to play, for combining beauty, technical easiness, and competent musical composing skills.

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